Pink Flamingo Flocking By Jill - FAQ's - Creve Coeur, IL
Pink Flamingo Flocking & Special Delivery Yard Cards - Reinvent the prank of toilet-papering with pink flamingos
Frequently asked Questions
1. Does somebody have to be home during the delivery or pickup?

No, it is not necessary for anyone to be home during the delivery or pick-up.

2. Do you deliver every day of the week?

Yes, provided that a flock is available.

3. What areas do you deliver to?

Peoria, East Peoria, Creve Coeur, Pekin, Bartonville, Metamora, Germantown Hills, Washington, Sunnyland, Dunlap, Metamora, Peoria Heights, Morton, Groveland, Tremont, Delavan, Hopedale- Illinois. For an additional 'travel fee' it may be possible to deliver outside of the service area

4. How much notice is needed for a flocking?

Reservations are always the best way to ensure availability, however, if inventory allows we are often able to flock with 24 hours notice (but, as always, all payments must be verified prior to service).

5. What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Money Orders, checks or even CASH!
**Payment is required at time of dating and will secure your reservation**

6. Can we keep the flamingos?

No, we are highly attached to our little pink friends and keep inventory of each one and they are not allowed to wander off, so please keep an extra close eye on our members.  If you would like to purchase a 'keepsake' flamingo for your “victim” just ask! We try to keep a variety of 'keepsakes' on hand.

7. What is your refund policy?

We are able to refund your payment if cancellations are made at least 1 day prior to the arranged delivery date. We will not make refunds for elements beyond our control such as; being provided an incorrect address, leasing agents, security guards or the likes preventing the set up of displays or requiring early removal, lack of a grassy area to set up the display, incorrect or denied access to gated communities or if animals/dogs prevent our set up. Should extreme weather prevent the set up of a display, then we will make arrangements for another display date or refund your money.

8. Do you deliver to condo’s/apartments?

Yes. However, we must have a grassy area since the flamingos are inserted into the ground with stakes. We will need any access information and an exact location of where the display is to go. Also, you will need to obtain permission from the leasing office (and provide us a copy of this permission and contact info) if ‘victims’ do not own their own patch of grass. We can provide you with our information if the leasing office requests it.

9. Do you deliver to businesses?

Yes. The same policies apply as with condo’s/apartments. Flamingos can also be a great ‘grand opening’ display. The display will not be left out after dark for business displays as the flamingos have tendencies to be abducted and we are highly attached to our little pink fellows.

10. What are your rental policies?

The displays are not toys and are not safe for climbing or leaning on. Please do not allow children to lean or climb on displays, it is not safe. Please do not feed, water, mistreat (this includes attaching anything to any of the inventory) or remove the flamingos. Any missing or damaged inventory may be charged out in full retail price to the customer who purchased the display. Please do not inflict injury on our inventory during lawn care or any other activity. If need be, we will happily remove the displays prior to the previously arranged time with advanced notice.

11. What information do you need from me to make a delivery?

We will need complete address information and any helpful directions/landmarks you can provide, as we will be delivering in the dark and internet mapping programs are not always accurate. We also need to have a grassy area since the flamingos are inserted into the ground with stakes. We will need any access information and an exact location of where the display is to go. Gated communities may be a problem. Please be sure that we can easily access these areas for both delivery and pick-up. Also, please indicate the best delivery time. Most deliveries are made between 10pm and 6am; however, we can often accommodate daytime deliveries too. Of course, we will need to know what you would like your personalized message to say (we can offer suggestions for this, just ask!). If someone in the home is in on the flocking & if so, please have them make sure any pets are content so as not to give away our stealth flocking.

12. How do I order a flocking?

You may contact us by phone or email to place an order. Once we receive your order we will verify delivery date & information. Flocking will not happen unless we are able to make contact with you for verification. Once verification is final the flocking will be official with date & payment confirmed.

*Pink Flamingo Flocking & More has the right to refuse deliveries in some areas due to weather circumstances and high crime areas
Contact me to date your flocking before they fly somewhere else
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